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SEDA Mission Statement

It is the right time to do things NOW, to show and demonstrate to Europe that Albania and Albanians are not only artisans of European Cultural Heritage Values but also a solid member of EU family.

I believe that Albanian citizens and stakeholders, all of us together, Government of Albania  (GoA) officials, political parties , academia’s,…  NGOs  and business community are aware of the importance of working together to design and implement  innovative   pro-poor growth and pro- women policies based on  a sustainable and integrated  development strategy mainstreamed by SDGs and EU Green Agenda.

I hope the Government and Opposition will take advantage of EU development programs, such as IPA Structural Funds, and other multilateral or bilateral rograms to boost and better coordinate the integration of Albania into  EU .

.. We do remind to all political parties to get rid of political conflict shows and to avoid not productive political crisis. We had had too much of them so far! Please do sit down in the round table to decide ASAP and properly for development priorities to the benefit of the Albanian people and to the benefit of the region.  

..SEDA and its experts  will be present as always,  by the side of positive development pathways, to consult for sustainable growth of Albania through production of ideas and solutions to implement priority  projects to the benefit of all Albanians targeting to the poorest ones. We will try to do something good for the people  NOW..and HERE .. to preserve the land of Albanians as a nice neighborhood.

 Updated January 2023

SEDA Vision towards  the future of Albania

Improve and build public & private  partnership at national and local level through: (i)capacity building activities at local and national level  to face the challenge of decentralization as well as the ones of Integration of Albania into Europe;  (ii)incitement of   privatization reforms  in utility sector (energy, water, infrastructure, road, telecommunications, environment) to foster entrepreneurship and to significantly  improve the infrastructure and utilities  targeting to roads, energy and water;(iii) reform and build a sound health and education system to sustain the future.

Updated January 2023  

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