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1. Fields of Activity

•Human Development

•Environmental Protection, Preservation and Management.

•Improved &GIS based  Management of natural resources

•Local Government capacity building on decentralisation  challenges

•Policy reform at local and national level

•Capacity building of local authorities to improve services

•Sustainable Tourism and Eco-tourism Consulting

•Cultural Heritage Protection, Promotion and Publications.

•Foreign Direct Investment Promotion And Consulting

•Publications & Media supporting activities  



2.Involvement in Albanian and International Projects


Current & recent Projects

•Support to Quality Control of First Systematic  Immovable Registration in Albania  -funded by World bank -2011-2014 (in consortium with Finnmap –Finland)

•Training of Systematic  Immovable Property Registration Offices (central offices and 35 local ones)-2012-2013 (in consortium with Landell Mills Ltd –UK)

•PAC (Public Awareness Campaign ) First Systematic  Immovable Property Registration in Albania  -funded by World bank -2009-2013 (Consortium with Landell Mills and Register of Scotland)

•Open Days of Local Governance in Albania- funded by Agency of Supporting of Civil Society (AMSHC)(2010-2010)

• Berati Environment Boulevard (BEB)   funded by Completion of CARDS Assistance (2009-2011) Contract with European Delegation in Albania

•Toolkit Against Corruption ( TAC) at Communal Level of Governance (CLG) in Albania funded by Completion of CARDS Assistance(2009-2011) Contract with European Delegation in Albania

•Communications Component of the Albania Health System Modernization Project (HSMP) -funded by World bank -2009-2010(Consortium with ICON Public Sector health Germany)

•Monitoring of Water Resources in Erzeni River basin-funded by Italian government –(subcontract to SGI Italy) (2009-2010)

•Albanian labor Market –project funded by EU (subcontract to WYG)(2008-2010  

•Korca First Immovable Property Registration project- financed by EU;2008-2010 (Consortium with Cardno Agrisystems UK)


Important former projects

•Assistance to Donor Coordination Activities in Albania (Consortium with HTSPE) –funded by EU (2008-2009 )

•“Technical Assistance and Training for the Improvement of the Delivery of Public Services at the Local Government Level in Albania” EuropeAid/123506/SER/AL (2007-2009 )(Consortium with EPTISA)

•Technical assisstance to prepare the Preparation of Guidelines, Calls for Proposals for CARDS 2005 Civil Society programme and 2007 European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights” funded by EU Delegation in Tirana

•Technical assisstance to support  Crossborder Aplications in the frame of EC Interreg Greece-Albania Programme and CARDS , funded by EU Delegation in Tirana

•Albania: Tirana creditworthiness Enhancement Programme (CEP) funded by EBRD 2007-2008

•Balkan Agriculture and Food Network (BAFN)  in the frame of SSA  of  FP6 of EU, started on may 2006

•Strengthening the Environmental Monitoring System in Albania-financed by EU CARDS Program -local coordination and technical support- 2005-2007

•Integrated Sustainable Development of Tirana Durres region –Albania - financed by EU CARDS Program -local coordination and technical support- 2005-2007

•Korca First Immovable Property Registration project- financed by CARDS, EU;2004-2006

•One Stop Shop Office of Community Driven Development - financed by CARDS, EU 2005-2006

•  Implementing a National System of Administrative Addresses in Albania - financed by CARDS, EU-2004-2006  

•Agency of Good Governance –financed by Interreg III, EU  and coordinated by ConfServizi , Italy 2004-2007

•Project “LIGURIA NEI PAESI BALKANI”  funded by Italian Government and coordinated by “LA SPEZIA EUROINFORMAZIONE PROMOZIONE E SVILUPPO”, 2006-2008

•NATIONAL HUMAN DEVELOPMENT REPORT for ALBANIA 2004 - 2005 project financed by UNDP-

•Improve Costing and prioritization of Albanian National Strategy Public Actions-financed by World Bank Trust Fund 2005-2006

•Update of National Environmental Action Plan, Immediate Measures ( finaced by World Bank/METAP-Kairo) 2000-2001


•Local Government Transparency Toolbox –project financed by CARDS, EU

•Post –Conflict Environmental Assessment –Albania (financed by UNEP- UN 2000)

•Albania –a Patrimony of European Values  (finaced by Euand UNDP )January 2001

•Development of a National Investment  Promotion and Investor Targeting Strategy.  financed by UNECE-UNCTAD   UN  2000-2001

•Moderation  of a series of Videoconferences on “Fiscal Decentralisation” organized by World Bank on the period September November 2003, for ECA and SEE countries

•Albanian Community Driven Development  School-book published in the frame of SEDA and other Albanian NGOs projects

•“Tirana , the challenge of Urban Develoment” , project and publication financed by ENHR 2003 Conference in Tirana;May 2003

• “Albanian Forum for Transparence of Community Based Projects- (AFTCBP)”- project financed by EU Delegation in Tirana started on 15  October 2002 and continued.

•Etablishment of a Community Driven Development  Forum in Albania Project Financed by World Bank ( start january 200 and continued) see

•Community post refugee crisis Projects in the frame of project  “Thank YOU Albania”

•Rehabilitation Peshkopia Stadium -Albania (refugee crisis) fin.UNHCR, IRC,ECHOS

•Solid waste cleaning,Bulqiza city -Albania financed and impl. UNHCR, IRC,ECHOS

•Rehab. Chlorination system drink water Peshkopi-Albania UNHCR, IRC,ECHOS

• “Eco tourism paths initiatives in the regions of Tirana-Durresi-Kavaja-Kruja (Albania) 1998-1999 (financed by UNDP )

•Archeaological Site Protection Implementing Renewable Energy Ressources  (financed by EU DGXII PECO Programme 1995-1997)-(development  project for remote poor areas. )


List of SEDA Publications

o Albanian Community Driven Development  School-book published in the frame of SEDA and other Albanian NGOs projects


o Book “Tirana the challenge of Urban Development” financed by Co-Plan and SEDA, Authors Besnik Aliaj, Keida Lulo, Genc Myftiu, ISBN 99927-880-0-3 , May 2003


o Book: “Albania –a Patrimony of European Values”  a Guide of Albanian  Cultural Heritage  History and Economy published on January 2001. published in hard copy and internet publication in the web site


o Privatization  main feature of economic change in Albania :Porceedings of  “International Adriatic Conference” EU Project Interreg II C CADSES Vision Planet 1-2 July 1999 Trieste Italy


o Update of “International Adriatic Conference”  proceedings of  meeting of Thessaloniki 30 March 2000


o Numerous publications at magazine “MONITOR”z